As many of you know, we have four children; three daughters and one son.   Two of our girls have been singing with our Praise and Worship Team for years.  But in the beginning they were both afraid to lead songs.  For quite a while, I listened to their reasoning and justifications about why they felt they could not sing lead parts (that was the Mom part of me).

During our conversations, I would gently guide and encourage them.  Reassuring them that we had confidence in them and if the praise team leader gave it to them, she too had confidence in them.   They obeyed, but the fear never completely went away.

One day, we were talking about it, for what seemed like the millionth time, and I looked at both of them and said, “Okay, really you’ve been doing this long enough to overcome the fear.  God has given you power.  You chose to be a part of the team and you both sing quite well.  You have chosen to serve. Now stand in the power that moved you to sing.   Remember that God and all who love Him, love you.  You don’t have to fear singing in front of God.  He loves to hear the sound of your voice.  Your church family loves you, stand in the love that surrounds you and present your gifts to the Lord.  You don’t have to fear what others think because God loves you, created you, and loves to hear the sound of your voice.  Focus on pleasing God and everybody else will be pleased as well. Finally, practice your songs. You must be prepared.  God has given you a sound mind.”

A sound mind means the ability to think, speak, and act righteously.  “For the two of you exercising your sound mind translates to practice, practice, and more practice.”  They both looked at me and realized they weren’t going to get out of it.  They realized they had the power to face their fears.  I wish I could tell you that from that moment on they never had another fear when it came to singing but a few weeks later, my youngest daughter came to me and said,” okay mommy I understand what God says, and I understand what I have to do but I still get scared when I have to sing by myself.”

I looked at her and said, “Now you have to break the fear habit.”  I explained the fear habit to her.  She smiled, gave me one of her famous hugs and left the room.  Today, each of them continues to sing and is finding their leadership roles in that area of ministry. They faced and conquered their fears.

Beloved of God, just as I encouraged my daughters I encourage you to step beyond your fears.  Recognize the person God desires you to be in the earth and dare to be it. You have a purpose and the world needs you.  Today, decide to move from fearful to fearless.

Be Blessed.