Some see this verse as an indictment on the activities of those whose journey doesn’t look right to them, but I see a reminder of the importance of seeking the Lord in all things.

Since it’s possible to follow a path that meets all personal criteria for what’s right and good and yet still falls short of the Lord’s plan, we must commit to seeking him through the every step of the journey. (Destruction is too great a price to pay for self-reliance.)

It’s important to remember that God’s plans are good and lead to life. They guide to an incredible life of freedom, peace, and joy. His plan recovers you, restores you, realigns you, and re-ignites you, and it does the same for those you’re called to serve.

The challenge here is that many times, we receive a little insight from God, and our minds quickly formulate a plan. We choose what seems logical and right to us. It pleases us. It makes sense. It seems right. We run.

However, The success of Gods plan does not hinge on your ability to rationalize or justify it.  There may be points along the way that Gods plan calls for something other than what you planned.  Consider that Jesus seemingly took his time going to help Lazarus, but declared he was following the will of the Father.  How many times has someone asked you for help and you jumped right into action without seeking God?   I’m not saying don’t be helpful, I’m saying check-in with God.

God needs your agreement to trust and obey him, not to endorse his plans.  That means every piece doesn’t have to make perfect sense to you. Now, don’t get spooky here and think that God’s moves are always mysterious and unexplainable. That thought can be just as hazardous to your life. You must realize faith believes in one who promises more than the promise itself. Therefore faith causes you to stay connected to the promise giver in all situations. Better still, through the entire situation. There is no plan that God gives that doesn’t lead you back to him over and over again. It’s how his plan works. You need him. If God gives you the plan and you don’t need or want to hear from him, You may be operating in your own strength or wisdom. A position that may seem okay but void of eternal value.

So, as you endeavor to live your purpose, stay connected to the one who knows the plan. Trust him to know what’s best and to lead you to it. Beloved, don’t fret about the next step, but sincerely do the day’s work and enjoy the life he gives. Let your heart be filled with love and gratitude as you do his will. Knowing that God alone is responsible for the results.

He loves you and wants to use you. Let him lead you to an extraordinary life.