Almost every Saturday, my husband runs with me. It’s really a beautiful thing, especially since he does not share my passion for running.  Okay, truth be told; he runs a little bit, turns around and waits for me back at the house.  According to him I run way too far and far too long, but that’s another story.

This morning we hit the road as usual at o’ dark thirty when something atypical happened. He was apparently inspired to run.  He started out at a faster pace than his norm.  I thought woohoo! Step it up girl. This is going to be a great run.  I must admit, the competitor in me woke up.  In almost the same instance that I considered hitting the accelerator, I was reminded that we were only 4 minutes into what would be a couple of hours of running (at least for me).  I also heard the word, “Discipline.” I calmed down.  A few meters later, I was inspired to share some thoughts about discipline with you.  

Achieving your goals takes discipline. Yes, anointing, talent, opportunities, as well as other things matter, but discipline prepares you to repeatedly perform at a higher level. It prepares you to repeat success.  Discipline makes actions natural and effortless. It takes discipline to set a course and follow through.  It takes discipline to hold on when everyone else says it’s okay to quit, give up or postpone the dream.  It takes discipline to run your race and resist the urge to keep up with others; especially when you feel you have the strength and ability to do it.  It definitely takes discipline to start something new in the face of obstacles.  True discipline insulates you from the pull of inevitable distractions, emotional swings, and even temptations that seek to derail you from achieving God’s best for your life.  In your faith inspired walk, know that the Holy Spirit is the agent and administrator of discipline for your life. He provides the training opportunities for you to learn and rehearse the patterns of success.  Remember to listen to him, obey his guidance, and trust that he will lead you to achieving every goal God has set for your life. Stay on the path he has outlined for you.  When you live a disciplined life, peace, fulfillment, and success will overtake you.

Blessings to you!