It is the will of God that those who believe in him, rid themselves of anything that keeps them from a  life of liberty.  Anything that  hinders  complete demonstration of his power and glory.   Jesus came that we might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.  Yet, there are times when we are not experiencing or demonstrating the abundant life that has been given.  The issue is not God’s desire for you.  It’s not in his power.  It’s not even in his provision.  But it lies at the heart of what we believe.  Belief shapes your action-What we believe truly effects our choices.  Ironically, sometimes we may not believe that there is spiritual dimension to what we are experience.  The fact is there is a spiritual dimension to everything and we must attack the things that hinder us not only in the natural realm but in the spiritual realm as well.

Naturally, a yoke is an instrument of bondage that brings animals under control to do work.  It is an instrument of servitude. Spiritually, a yoke has the same meaning; yet they are revealed through attitudes, ideas, beliefs, or behaviors.  Yokes limit the full realization of God power and presence in your life.  They weigh you down.  They are burdensome. Yokes can cause you to become frustrated.  In fact a yoke that is too grievous might cause you to give up.   But giving up is not the answer. God has positioned and given you the anointing to destroy every yoke in your life.  You must simply release it. How do you get free of attitudes, ideas, beliefs and behaviors that hinder you?

1.  Recognize that there is an issue that is keeping you stuck. Identify it honestly.  Don’t beat around the bush here or even blame others.  If it is procrastination.  It is fear of success or failure recognize.  If you are stuck because of a faulty belief system.  Recognize it.

2.  Acknowledge that this issue has caused you to miss the mark and must be conquered both spiritually and naturally.  This is tantamount to confession. Confession opens the door for strengthening and cleansing from God.

3.  Repent of the issue.  Repentance is an inward change of mind that produces an outward change in action.  Here is a key step.  To repent is not simply to be sorry but to come to a realization that your thoughts, ideas, and motivations surrounding an issue were not in line with God’s.  Then a deliberate choice is made to align your thinking, speaking, and actions with his.

4.  Pray. Communicate with God.  He knows your weaknesses and is ready to give you his strength.

5. Praise.  Continually give praises unto God.  This keeps you mind focused on his awesome ability, his faithfulness, and his power.

Today, rejoice in knowing that God desires greater liberty and effectivenss for your life.  Be willing to let go of idea, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that don’t contribute to your experience of abundant living and watch God plan unfold in your life.

Blessings to you,