“ And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.” Mark 11:22

Is your faith really in God? 

For most Christians, it seems a question hardly worth asking, right? Wrong.

The fact is many people unknowingly put more faith in a desired result than the ability of God to bring it pass. Misplaced faith causes you to work outside of the will of God to cause something to happen.   It’s only later that you realize your efforts did not bring the promise. Your faith must be in God alone. It can not live in the outcome or your own desires.  Your belief should rest solely on the fact of who God is and what He is able to do.

Consider Abram, on the road to becoming Abraham.  God promised him an heir.  Abram believed in God but along the way decided to help the plan along. As a result of Abram and Sarai’s plan; their servant, Hagar, gave birth to a son.  Ishmael was not the promise from God, so their efforts proved empty. After enduring the drama resulting from misplaced faith, they believed God. Their faith was completely in God- not the promise. God reminded him of the covenant, gave specifics concerning the promise and changed his name to Abraham.  How incredible is that?  When your faith is completely in God you stand to gain confirmation and clarity regarding the promise.  When your faith is just in the promise you just might experience chaos, confusion, and depleted faith.

Like Abraham, you must be fully persuaded that God is able and willing to do all that He says.  Be careful not to become so enamored by the promise that you create your own plan for making it happen.  Trust God and His timing. You can probably save yourself some difficulties.

As you continue the 30/30 journey, learn from Abraham and allow your faith to be anchored in the power of the Truth more than the pleasure of the promise.