Pray without ceasing…… 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Your effort to pray without ceasing doesn’t mean that you should try to remain in the prayer closet all day. It means that you should not let anything hinder your commitment to or practice of prayer.  In the practice of prayer here are some dos and don’ts as you pray without ceasing:

Don’t put prayer on pause. Remain constant in prayer.
Don’t let things hinder you from the duty of prayer. Busy schedules should stand as an invitation to more prayer in hopes to properly prioritize your day.
Don’t let people hinder you from prayer. Through prayer you learn the proper management of relationships.
Don’t let your feelings hinder you from prayer. Prayer is not based on how you feel, but the fact of who God is.

Do remember that prayer is communication with God.  The first step in building intimacy.
Do understand that prayer brings you power.
Do let prayer be the fuel for every thing you do.

Do expect to be filled with a sense of joy.
Do expect to build a closer relationship with God.

Continue in prayer so that you can access the power God has ordained for your life.   Pray consistently in order to live your life with extreme joy.  Pray without ceasing.
Blessings to you