“And I say unto you, Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Luke 11: 9

Picking up on yesterday’s thread, I want to remind you that you should actually receive answers to your prayers. When you don’t, you should consider it a problem that needs to be fixed.

It seems fundamental but many people never consider the issue of unanswered prayers. They typically assume God just doesn’t want to answer them. Prayers without answers are pointless. This is not God’s highest aim for your life. He wants to answer you. He encourages you to ask, seek, and knock. He promises that you will receive, you will find, and doors will be opened unto you.  Sounds like answered prayer to me.

If you want to ensure your prayers are answered the following pattern may help:

Ask.  Sounds simple, but sometimes people never make the request. They assume God knows which is true, but He has made asking a requirement to receiving.
Be agenda free.  Seek to fulfill God’s plan not to advance your own.
Believe. God can answer your request. He wants to answer.  He does answer.
Always persevere in prayer.  Persistence pays big dividends.   
Answered prayer is important to your faith life. Answered prayer will not only give you greater confidence, it will motivate you to walk by faith.

One word of encouragement: Nothing motivates you to continue to build your prayer life than the reality of answered prayer. 

One caveat: God didn’t say you would like the answer. He said you would receive one. Be open to His plan. He knows what is best and will always give it to you.

This week, take note of the answers that you receive. I’d love to hear your thoughts or testimonies on your answered prayer.

Blessings to you,