Over the past few months, I’ve been led to spend considerable time reshaping my priorities, goals, expectations, schedule which sometimes has been a little uncomfortable for me– a self-confessed multmade me feel a little imbalanced

 I can not take the credit- it belongs to God.  You see, he always has a plan. He knows what we need and will make sure we get it even if we are too busy to notice.  What an awesome and loving God.  By his sovereign, God continuously leads us to rivers of  restoration, revival, and even relaxation. He is our shepherd.  During my imposed, but welcomed “hiatus” I was reminded of some valuable points. I’ll share a few of them with you today.Be focused.  The ability to focus is crucial to fulfilling vision. Sometimes we forget what we are to focus on and allow things to become idols in our lives.  If you are to fulfill God’s vision for your life you must learn to narrow your focus.  When you are focused you make progress.  You accomplish things.  Don’t mistake a focused state of mind with a hypnotic state of mind.  Focus produces action that yield results.Be adjustable.  Remember, methods changes… principles don’t. God’s principles are unfailing and unchanging, yet there are many ways to do things. When God is preparing you for a new season you must be willing to change.  Sometimes the change is  not so much what you do, but what/how you think about doing it. Be willing to be adjusted.  Allow God to elevate your thoughts.Believe God. Third, God is God.  You must whole-heartedly believe that God knows what is best for you.  He knows where you are right now and what you must do in that place to walk in agreement with him.Ultimately, my time away caused the appearance of me being unplugged but I was never disconnected. Today, I challenge you to make a deliberate decision to silence the noise around you and plug into God.  Don’t allow the busyness of life to keep you from cultivating the most important relationship of your life.

Blessings to you!MC