Mercy is a compassionate disposition that embodies a willingness to forgive and forbear offense. Mercy pities the offender, and as such, desires restoration and covering. It is an act of kindness fueled by real love.

The Lord is merciful and asks us to be compassionate to others. The simple thought here is that the standard by which you judge will be the same standard used toward you; therefore, the request from heaven is that you be merciful and extend mercy as the Lord Our God has already granted the same kindness to you.

Beloved, we must elevate our love and compassion. The presence of sin does not always evoke the need for correction, for we know the wages of sin is death. You must realize that one who sins is already under a harsh penalty. The presence of sin and error should move you with compassion. It should challenge you to dig deeper and see the need. And then lead you to pray, “Lord, be merciful.”

Life (ministry) is about service based on love and truth. You must be willing to be an instrument of righteousness, wholly dedicated to the Lord. There’s so much more, but it’s run time. I’ll wrap up by simply saying, Let us know Him in love, truth, and power.

My prayer is that you are transformed by the word. Blessings to you. #developingtheheart #hearingGodsheartbeat #propheticinsight