A masterclass to connect your faith and purpose so you can:

++End the frustration of trying to figure out what to do next.
++Learn to understand the value you bring to every encounter in
your life.
++Gain the clarity you need for success in your next season.
++Unlock the power to make your next move, your most incredible

When you attend Born For This, you will get your purpose mastery blueprint for a life filled with more peace, power, and profits.

You know there’s more, and now is the time to get it. You must believe that you can have it all – personal fulfillment, successful relationships, and a successful career. You don’t have to settle.

I believe you were uniquely created to make your mark in the world; now, I want to help you unlock the detailed plans that will allow you to maximize your purpose, dominate your industry and live your extraordinary life.

Born For This is a three-day training series like no other online training you’ve attended; each night is a live 90-minute session with me, Pastor Mikaela Cade, to help you move from ordinary living to an extraordinary life. I’ve spent my life helping others understand and step into their divine purpose, and now I’m here to support you.

During these fast-paced, insightful, and interactive sessions, I will navigate you through the waters of aligning your purpose, passions, and power to create the life you’ve always imagined for yourself.

As a pastor, author, and life strategist, my experience working in government, private industry, and faith-based organizations give me incredible insight into strategically unlocking your purpose and raising your leadership quotient.

This course is for women from every industry. The time-tested methods will help you cultivate a transformational leadership mindset and establish habits leading to consistent growth, development, and success.

You were created to BE EXTRAORDINARY; now let’s get to it!

Dare to step into your EXTRAORDINARY. Register now.