Only 4 shopping days before Christmas and 11 left in 2007.   During this time of year, people begin to reflect on where they are, where they should be, and where they want to be in the year to come.  As you reflect, you may realize that you have gotten off track and haven’t accomplished all that you desired or planned.  If you realize that, there are some things you definitely need to do. First, don’t panic. Honestly admit to yourself and to God that you missed it and commit to change.  Second, recognize that God knows exactly where you are and has a process to get you back on track.  Third, take some time to understand the process and surrender to it.  God has plan for your success.  He knows that you just need a little more inspiration, clarification, and purification

Getting off track happens as the result of many things. Things that don’t necessarily equate to the commission of murder, adultery or fornication. Perhaps you have been serving and committed to God, yet during the course of 2007, you have spent too many days complaining and worrying instead of giving thanks and praising God for his faithfulness and goodness.  Or you have spent a good bit of time feeling overwhelmed and exhausted instead of  resting in the Lord and enjoying the stability of  his peace.  Maybe, you have even been using your creative energy to invent new ways to procrastinate and make excuses instead of being focused, and working diligently and efficiently to accomplish your God-given, God-driven goals. God’s desire is that you are inspired, clear, and purified to accomplish your work.  His process to get you back on track includes blowing down the hindrances, shaking out that which is unnecessary, and burning up unrighteousness to bring you to a place of greater spiritual maturity and accomplishment.   Let’s look at the process. 

Blown away by the wind. The first part of God’s process is to get you inspired.  Inspiration is what you need to feel refreshed,revived, and full of creative energy. Sometimes there are mountains in the way that block the inspiration or the breath of the Lord.  Therefore, the wind blows to tear down those mountains. By mountains, we mean the things that we stand behind for comfort and security.  You can have mountains of fear, distrust, disorganization, etc.  Interestingly enough though is that  the key to receiving inspiration from God is to come out from behind the mountain.  Step out of your comfort zone.  You can not get fresh inspiration if you are afraid to step into a new place.  Decide today to come out from behind the wall of insecurities, fears, and other things that have hindered the fulfillment  of Gods plan for your life.  The wall that you have erected for protection and security is the same wall that keeps the breath of life away from you.  You must be inspired by God to obtain God like results.

Shaken up by the earthquake.  Last month’s post discussed the shaking that occurs in our lives to cause our true desires to surface.  Taking that a step further, shaking also causes that which is not connected to fall to the ground.  The is part of the process can be termed clarification. Clarification of what your true goals are; as well as what you need and don’t need  is important to your ability to remain focused and stable.  Clarity helps you say,” yes” and “no” to the right things and with confidence.  Holding on to the wrong things keeps us from holding the things that are profitable for our lives.  In order to free us of things that are not pertinent to our next level, God will begin to shake things up.  Nothing is immune to the shaking: thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors alike. When the earth starts shaking it becomes easy to identify that which is stable, solid, and secure. We are then empowered to identify and deal with distractions.  You must be clear and focused to completely follow the instructions of the Lord.

Tried by the fire. Fire is used for purification. In order to succeed according to God’s standards, your motives and methods must be pure. The fire comes to burn up all that is not pure or unrighteous.  Unrighteousness occurs when we are unable to think, do or speak in line with the will of God.  Going through the fire can feel like a trial but look at it like this, as you are going through it the fire is being used to bring your mind, will, and emotions to the place of purity and power.  Your motives and methods must be pure before the Lord in order to truly please him. 

Today, consider this process.  Can you identify your mountains?  What are the attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors the Lord is trying to shake out of you? Are you fully surrendered to the process of purification? Right now, take a few minutes, to write in your journal or share your comments on this post.  Please know that in all this, God only wants you to give you greater inspiration, clarification and purification so you can fulfull your kingdom purpose.  As he prepares you to walk in Dominion and Authority in 2008, yield to his process and allow him to do a powerful work in you spirit, soul, and body.

Blessings today and always,


excerpted from the message: Earth, Wind, and Fire