Changing your mind should not be mistaken as a sign of transformation – men always do that.

True transformation, as Paul urges believers to in Romans 12, speaks to the profound inner change that brings about a change in your thinking, speaking, and action. It changes your worldview, and this change is only brought about by the Spirit of God moving upon a humbly yielded and obedient vessel. The revelation of truth to the inner man silences all questions, arguments, and discussions.

Transformational change does not result from the emotional experiences related to temporary aspects of situations but from the reality of God’s truth. The illuminated truth establishes the standard for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Truth becomes your master, not your emotions. God is truth.

Transformation becomes an activity of the spirit where the revealed spiritual truth must affect your mind, will, and emotions so completely that you cannot think and behave as those around you (the world).

But Beloved, there is a deep inner work only the Holy Spirit can do that enriches the quality of your thought life because he reveals truth and sets its foundation upon it.

It becomes the foundation and the cornerstone of what you believe. The anchor of your faith. The hope of your obedience and the hope that guides your decision-making.

How do you put it into practice? Lay your life before the Word as you learn it. Live it. Don’t go back. Don’t waver. Stay the course.

As you do, things will look and feel different. Sometimes, your thoughts and actions will stand in opposition to the current culture. You will have peace in the middle of chaos. You may be prompted to pray for your favorite athlete or coach. You might even be led to eat and gain strength when others are declaring war on “carbs, sugar, gluten, wheat, butter, or the common enemy of the day,” but no matter what it looks like, your actions will always lead you closer to God, an understanding of his will, his word, and his love for you.

You may perceive things as different, but God is working in you an authentic faith that is more valuable than any material possession. He is building up faith to stand in the face of opposition, fear, rejection, and pain. Faith that has confidence in the person, work, and character of Christ, not just the blessings that you’ve known in hindsight.

Beloved, you are so valuable to God. Today, he wants you to come to him as you are. He desires a recommitment of trust in his word. He wants you to trust him every day in all things.

You must set your heart, soul, mind, and strength upon that and cancel all other options. You must believe his word more than you believe the current culture.

Faith demands that you live differently because belief in God is not based on the world’s values, systems, or principles of the world.

God is faithful.

You can trust his word. When you do, you will find that your life begins to prove – openly reveal that his will is good, acceptable, and perfect.

May your life be bolstered and fueled by the change that comes from authentic Holy Spirit-led and accomplished transformation.


Blessings to you,

Pastor MC