Over the past few weeks, I‘ve been preaching and teaching about the essential elements of worship.  Today, I feel particularly compelled to share a little bit from part 3 of the series. I pray that you are encouraged to seek a more complete worship experience as you read.


  Rest is an essential element of worship. Rest is also a promise from God. It is something that everyone needs.  We need physical rest when our bodies are tired.  We need mental rest when our minds have been busy.  We even need emotional rest when life’s circumstances leave us empty or drained.  Yet there is a rest that God ordained for us that is far superior to those.  It is spiritual rest.

  Essentially, you enter spiritual rest when you surrender to God; and, allow His plan, agenda, and method to become your own. Rest, in this context, does not mean work is not happening. It simply means you have stopped trying to make it happen. Hebrews chapter 4 reminds us, “For he that has entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.”  Again, entering into God’s rest means you stop trying to make things happen on your own and allow the Holy Spirit to direct your path. Spiritual rest makes life easier. It gives you perspective and cuts down on uncertainty.  Spiritual rest is designed to put you in the place where your goals, objectives, and daily actions are in line with God’s plan for your life. Your actions and activities are lead by Him which makes your load lighter.  Entering into spiritual rest is an essential part of worshipping God.

  Worship can be defined as,“the act of paying homage to another,” or “to surrender your will and take on the will of another.” You may even have your own working definition of worship.  Practically speaking though, worship is evidenced through your acts of obedience to God. If rest is a promise and we are told to diligently seek to enter into it, we must obey. When you obey God you identify yourself as a worshipper of Him. When you do not obey then you are identified as a worshipper of something or someone else. In order to worship in spirit and truth, your obedience must be in accordance with His word. Entering into the rest God established for you becomes the ultimate in worship because it is your act of obedient surrender. Your ability to surrender your will acknowledges your total acceptance of God’s sovereignty in your life.

   Spiritual rest is achieved through belief and the application of the word.  Properly experienced, spiritual rest will give you the power to prioritize the other demands of your life. Physical rest yields a stronger, more powerful body. Mental rest allows the release of creative juices and fresh perspective.  Spiritual rest encompasses those things and produces a stronger more powerful relationship with the Father. The benefits of a more powerful relationship with God are immeasurable.

  Today, I invite you to answer the question, “Are you resting?”  Take a moment and share your thoughts on this topic. I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings to you,


Adapted from the message “Essentials of Worship PT III – You Need to Rest.”