Our understanding of freedom is sometimes too limited.  When I was a teenager, I thought the ultimate in freedom was not having anyone tell you what to do.  Then, I left for college and it seemed that everyone was telling me what to do—Citibank, Discover, and American Express.  I quickly realized that my definition of freedom was too narrow. Now, as a wife, mother, and pastor, my definition is a little more refined.  True freedom is being able to do what is right or good at all times. It requires obedience.  It encompasses our words, thoughts, and actions. (This is righteous living.)

      God wants us to experience true freedom.  Recall John 8:32,”And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  In other words, you shall experience truth and that experience shall cause you to do what is right, good, and pleasing to the Lord at any time.

      In order to really experience the God level of freedom, we must be willing to free ourselves from anything that would be a threat to righteous living.  We must also obey God’s word completely. Threats to our freedom show up in our lives daily. Procrastination, fear, and indecision are a few easy ones to identify.   When there is a lack of freedom, your ability to pursue and accomplish goals is diminished-if not all together lost.  Fulfilling purpose, accomplishing goals, and pursuing your dreams are all tied to the level of true freedom you have in your life.

       For example, if you have a divine assignment to become an elementary school teacher but fear keeps you from completing the certification process; you are not free to impact the lives of others the way you should.  Maybe, you are to write songs or books but each day you find a reason to wait until tomorrow; you are not free to get your message out to the world.  Or perhaps, you have two great business ideas and can’t decide which one to start first, so you do nothing. This leaves you unable to move towards the goal of being a successful entrepreneur.   Recognize that you have a divinely designed life from the Father and he wants you to live it in freedom and with power.  He wants you able to do that which is right in thought, word, and deed always.  

          Today,  consider your own thoughts of freedom.  Is your definition narrowly defined or does it have enough depth to touch God’s reality for your life?  How does your understanding of freedom relate to fulfilling your purpose?   Next time, I’ll  talk more about hindrances and share some tips  on overcoming them on the path to experiencing more abundant living.
      Be Blessed Today and Always,