We honor those who sacrificed their lives so that we may experience freedom. Many decided to serve, knowing that death could be a likely end, yet still chose to do it. (We’re grateful for the courage.)

Still, today, I am reminded of one who knew that his death was required and the only thing that could genuinely secure our liberty. He knew and decided to pay the price for us before the world was framed. I am grateful for his sacrifice and the opportunity to live a life more abundantly. Despite any issues, circumstances, or predicaments facing us today, I honor and remember the brave men and women who served with dignity and courage, who gave their all for a cause greater than themselves. Remembering their sacrifice reminds me that their ultimate sacrifice points to eternal sacrifice.  To those who remember loved ones, friends, and colleagues today, we pray that you will surrender the pain in your heart to him who gives joy for mourning.

We pray that the seed sown in your life from their life will lead you to live and fulfill your legacy. We pray that you will know and understand that as we are made in our God’s image and likeness, our lives are a journey set to demonstrate who he is and that he is able. Let us honor their sacrifices and be grateful for this day that the Lord has made. Let us honor the fallen by continuing to build upon the foundation and chief cornerstone.

Let us acknowledge the gift. Let us continue to stand and press forward, knowing that faith, hope, and love remain. He who has called you is faithful. —peace and blessings to you. #mikaelacadeministries #propheticintercessor #kingdomisthepriority #apostolic #faith #christian