There is no love better or more significant than God’s love. It is the standard and guide for our lives. It is the essence of extraordinary living.

In fact, by divine design, every relationship we have is an opportunity to experience an aspect of God’s love.

When considering that life comprises relationships, it becomes crucial to understand that properly managing relationships means managing them according to God’s plan.

Relationship management becomes just as much of an act of worship as a reflection of our worship.

Unfortunately, in the case of relationships, perceptions RULE when TRUTH should prevail. When a relationship is perceived as good, it’s good, but when perceived as bad, it can lead to evil work. And this is not always based on God’s assessment but on man’s feelings or determination.

Managing relationships according to God’s standards is always the safest, most reliable course of action. It leads to freedom. In truth, it can sometimes cause discomfort as you wrap your mind around his facts, align your emotions with his will, and learn to allow His Spirit to guide you through uncharted waters, but the outcome is worth it.

Your knowledge and experience of God’s love of and for you truly unlocks levels of joy and peace never imagined. It causes every fear, concern, and doubt to dissipate. It’s like air.

Beloved, we must remember that God is the one who judges. When it comes to understanding love and relationships, things can go wrong despite your best efforts, hopes, and dreams, but as believers, you must always, always, always seek God.

God judges. God heals. God is the one who ensures that all things work together for the good of those who love him. God is the one who can ensure you do not suffer utter destruction from what may feel like an unrecoverable loss.

God is able to redeem the time. God is able to restore. Be grateful for what you’ve learned. God is bigger than the religious constraints men try to impose. Some may not understand your decisions, but trust God and move forward in love. God is liberating. God is love. God overcomes PERCEPTION and brings you to a divine romance that will make other relationships pale in comparison. God sets and maintains standards. Trust him with your entire life.

You must surrender to His truth to be free to love and live as God intended. You must submit to the renovating work of the Holy Spirit on your mind, soul, strength, and might. You must learn to allow the Word to speak to and in you louder and more profoundly than any other voice you’ve ever given your ear to. Choose your teachers wisely. Then, you must buckle up, obey the Lord, and enjoy the journey.

I hear the Lord calling us to radical faith. Radical faith begins with radical love, and that starts with falling in love with God. For some, it is a return; for others, it’s a new adventure wherever you are on your journey; know that, ultimately, it’s why you were created. As you commit to your first love, may your heart and mind be filled with the truth that in Him is the place of true fulfillment, peace, and unspeakable joy.

Make your relationship with the Lord the priority of your life, and all your other relationships will become precisely what they should be according to the word of God.

My prayer for you today is that you learn the true power of love and yield to Him who is Love.