When God’s love is the lens through which you see life, you are “never not” grateful. Your gratitude extends to all things, like being grateful for the California palm trees and sunshine that remind you of the incredible comfort of our Creator. If you’re a foodie, you’re grateful for the chef @ilpastaio_bh, whose Tagliolini Tartufo and Torta Limone are ALWAYS excellent.

You recognize that He gives everyone purpose and gifts to make our life experiences beautiful.

Who else can create man- male and female – with gifts of strength, skill, and intellect like this?

Let all creation praise him, from the chef to scientist to the preacher to the diplomat, by living their purpose to the fullest with joy and excellence.

God helps you recognize and respect the pure purpose of others.
But there’s more.

After you’ve seen, experienced, and enjoyed their good works and are basking in the intense feelings of joy, satisfaction, and awe, wonder what you do?

Beloved, those feelings should first lead you to acknowledge the Omnipotent One – our Father who art in heaven. The acknowledgment is that he is the Creator of all, gives gifts to all men, and is good. He is perfection, the personification of love, and when we admire anything in the creation or what a created being does, praise belongs to him.

Now, don’t panic.

To acknowledge this truth doesn’t have to become an all-night prayer session or a forty-day fast; your heart can release sincere thanks from your seat in the stands, in the car on the way home, on the sofa in front of the TV. Expressing your gratitude can happen anywhere, anytime, and any place.

The point is to get in the habit of putting God back at the center of your thought-life. You must be intentional about making him the priority of your praise until it becomes automatic. This is essential for proper spiritual growth and moves you beyond mere religious sentimentalism into a bona fide authentic faith that produces the life God declared and designed for you.

He wants you to get closer to him. He wants you to experience the life He gave all for you to have. Your extraordinary life awaits.

To be balanced, though, please know that I am not saying this absolves you from being kind and offering compliments, encouragement, and blessings to others when warranted. Beloved, the golden rule is still the rule.

I’m encouraging you to LEARN TO PUT AND KEEP HIM FIRST IN ALL THINGS, and then everything else makes sense. Here’s an insider tip: when God is first, the things that come second and third are even more enjoyable, fulfilling, and fun.

Umm, that’s it today. You know my mind is “never not” on Him. Blessings to you!

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