Now, that you’ve made the commitment to increase your reverence for the Lord, I will quickly outline three ways to do it:

Maintain a proper perspective.  This might seem simple, but often the issues of everyday living effect our perspective or our ability to properly prioritize things.  We are told to keep God first, seek God first, and love God first, this must be acted upon.   Whenever the children of Israel missed the mark and ended up in hot water with God, it was because they did not reverence Him.  The fall into irreverence is not always quick; it happens little by little and usually it begins with a loss of perspective.   When life is busy and it seems like there is always a “to-do” list it is easy to become distracted or overwhelmed.  Distractions and overwhelm cause you to place more emphasis on those things than on trusting God above the situation.  For example, you work a lot and have little time for prayer or you worry about things to the extent that your conversation is consumed with words of doubt, fear, and negativity.  When these things happen you must be careful because the Lord describes this as reverencing other gods.  If you want to grow in reverence you must remember to give respect, honor, and adoration to God. Proper perspective is maintained by continually building your relationship with the Lord.  When you give undue time, effort, and energy to other things you will find yourself missing the mark.   Keep things in perspective by placing everything under the authority of God.   (Matthew 6:33)

Live by Kingdom rules.  Romans 12:1, tells us not to conform to the ways of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  God’s word outlines the rules for living. We must accept them and live each day by them.  If the world is to know the power of God it will be in part to believer’s demonstrating the power of the word through daily living.  If you are different then you should live differently.  If you serve a God that is above the world and operates by a different system then you must live by that system. Again I say, the fall into irreverence is not quick, it begins with a loss of perspective and then moves to an acceptance of the world’s standard operating procedures.  You must live by kingdom rules.  Admittedly, some of the things God tells us may seem paradoxical like:  give in order to receive, forgive over and over  and over again, or trust me when you can’t see me but it is in obedience that help you manifest the beauty and completeness of God’s power. Obedience produces Kingdom results.  When you are ready to take your reverence to the next level you must embrace kingdom focused living.  It’s not enough to know the word, you must live it. (Romans 12:1-2)

Demolish compromise.  Compromise is perhaps one of the biggest threats to increasing your reverence.  It is impossible to serve God and man. You cannot embrace some of God and some of the world. You are either all in or all out.  You can not be a little bit saved, just like you cannot be little bit pregnant. Compromise leads to irreverence because it causes a departure from Gods righteousness.  Specifically, it effects our worship.  When we live in compromise we do what we think it acceptable to God.  It’s actually like we are trying to fool God with an outward appearance but inside the truth is not there.  It is important to remember that God looks at the heart and not the outward things.   Compromise is a heart issue.  It shows that your heart is still bent towards your will and not surrendered to God’s.   If you want to grow in reverence get rid of compromise in your life. You will be amazed at the power of God that is revealed when you do.

Today, live with power, live for God, live KINGDOM!

Blessings to you!