Happy Monday! Simple thought as we begin the week.

Let the knowledge that God not only has the answers to your prayers but desires to give them to you motivate you to maintain a consistent prayer life.
I am convinced that it is not the tone, tenor, length, or volume associated with a prayer that matters, but honestly, the heart that is set to receive and do His will that gains the respect of God and lives under an open heaven. He gives answers to those who are set to obey his will.

If your answers always look like what you thought or wanted, I challenge you today to think again. God is not to be considered the confirmer of your will, but He is the advancer and advocate of his plan. He is the Lord. You must pray, get answers, and obey if the kingdom is to be advanced.

Today, I invite you to elevate your prayer life and persist in praying until you come to clear and definite answers. Resist bowing to your soul as it tries to mimic the Holy Spirit, giving you a feeling of religious piety by making you feel spiritual because you’ve prayed. Contend for the faith by committing to prayer like your life depends on an answer. Learn to respect the presence of the Holy Spirit and follow his direction.

These are just a few things that make prayer powerful and effective. Consider them today, and allow the love and power of our God to guide you to all truth. There is more, but it’s run time; I’ll share it on the next podcast.


Blessings to you!