Today, I’ll share simple thoughts as the world focuses on love.

First, God is Love, and He loves you. He demonstrated his Love before the world was framed; he proved it on the cross and confirms it daily by working in your life. You are worth all He paid for you to experience Love in life, and he unselfishly gives it to you every day. His Love is all-consuming, refining, rebuilding, and inspiring. His Love makes you whole and gives you courage and compassion.

His Love brings knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It causes an eternal celebration in your spirit that permeates your soul and manifests itself through your body in the love you give others. Most don’t know, but the secret is that we get to experience His Love, and then we get the privilege of sharing it with others. So then, as the world acknowledges that Love is essential, don’t get carried away by the emotion of the day, but let your faith remind you that God is love, and he created you for his pleasure.

Let wisdom guide you to the truth that we desire love because we desire Him, and when we have Him, we have Love.

Behold, he says I will never leave you nor forsake you.