There are many things that have been uncovered over the last five days, but here is what I am led to share with you today:  the natural mind cannot comprehend the things of God.  You must know that as a fact and remember it daily. Minimize the absolute need for logical explanations, reasoning, and justifications.  The word of God and the truth that is revealed in you, through you, and to you is sufficient for your life and consistent righteous living. You have been created for success and fulfillment. Trust God, follow his instructions, and he will lead you to that desired place of wisdom, prosperity, and renewal.  Keep praying and diligently seeking His face.   Consider how your thoughts and coupled with the  need for it all to make perfect sense have hindered your ability to obey. 

What have you delayed because you’ve been trying to get it  to make sense to others? What thoughts are  keeping  you from stepping into new territory? The end of seeking God is increased faith and the resolve to obey.  Determine today that you will obey the instructions of the Lord and trust that He is on your side.  What action step can you take to demonstrate that you believe? Step out in faith. Pursue the goal or dream that He has placed in your heart.  He’s waiting on you.


Blessings to you!