Guys thanks for an awesome Bible Study discussion last night, I hope that it inspired you to further reflection and growth.   I had a little thought after we left.  I’ll share it here.

“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.”  Psalm 119:65

Our hearts should be fortified against offense because we prize the WORD above all things.  What this tells you as a believer is that even if/when you are persecuted the TRUTH of GOD’s WORD sustains you and gives you comfort.  It also gives you knowledge accompanied by the wisdom to know what to do and how to conduct yourself.   Do not fall prey to the noise surrounding you, but focus on the life God has imparted to you: a life of peace, power, and love.  Satan wants you to be easily  offended so that he may have access to you and run amok in your life, but you must stand upon the WORD of God  and give no place to the devil.

Today, remember that you are called to greatness. You are God’s greatest asset on Earth.  Resist the temptation to be easily offended.  Place greater value on living the WORD and get set for Kingdom Expansion.

Blessings to you!