Partnerships and Support

Partnering with with Mikaela Cade Ministries means working to expand the Kingdom of God by strengthening his warriors. Your prayers and support allow us to complete the mission.
Our vision is to see God's servants strong in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so they can fulfill the will of God for their lives. 
Our mission is to strengthen God's warriors through workshops, conferences, training seminars and personal encounters.
Our efforts emphasize a deeper knowledge of spiritual truth and its practical application.
Thank you for supporting the mission.
May God continue to bless you-- spirit, soul, and body.

Kingdom Builders Network

Kingdom Builders Network consists of a group of believers who are committed to Kingdom expansion and personal growth. This group of believers under the guidance of Mikaela Cade Ministries share leadership experiences and training. Bimonthly leadership calls are designed to enrich the lives of leaders and hone their skills. Annual network membership fee is $599.00.   

Price: $599.00

Donations and Support

Your prayers and financial gifts will enable us to continue to impact lives and expand the Kingdom of God. Thank you in advance for your support and your commitment.

Price: $0.00