Powerful Words (Part 2)

As I promised on Sunday, here is the second installment of Powerful Words.  It is important that we recognize our words have power, but knowing how to  harness the power of your words leads you to extraordinary living.  If you haven’t read Part I, reading it first might help Part II make more sense.  If you are all caught up, meditate on this for a few days and I’ll post the final installment later this week.



2.  Understand when to speak life

This one might be a little easier than number one, but it is just as important to be able to differentiate between your desires and the will of God. If they are one and the same, that is great. If not, surrender to what he says.

For example, when facing a challenging situation you might be tempted to declare that it is over, done irreparable; however, the Lord declares that he is a very present help. He declares that you will be victorious and prevail over the situation. Instead of cursing the situation, you must declare that He will never give you more than you can handle. In every temptation there is a way of escape. When you begin to speak these types of life-giving words they will inspire you to perform actions that correspond to words of faith. Speaking life isn’t just about speaking what you want, but about knowing what God wants and declaring that over a situation. You were created to produce good fruit in great abundance. Don’t settle for a little life, but speak according to the abundant life God has promised. Remember God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all you can think or imagine.

Apply these two truths: Begin to understand when to speak life and when to speak death. This can be accomplished by engaging in prayer, studying the Scriptures, and through the guidance and advice of spiritual leaders. When you have a done those things make decisions and be confident in the actions you must take. Speak ending to things that have served their purpose or are no longer fruitful and speak life into things that need inspiration.

3.  Eliminate words of doubt

Faith-filled speech is essential to the unlocking the power of God. God moves in our lives first,  according to his plan and then our needs. Speaking words of doubt emanate from fear. Fear does not come from God and can be combated by exercising your ability to do something; remembering that you are loved by God; and finally, realizing you have been trained to walk by faith and not by sight. Always speak and act based on your confidence in God. Words of doubt steal your faith and make it impossible to do that which pleases God.

Apply this truth: Understand that words are an outward expression of your inward belief. Stop and listen to the words that you say. What are they really saying you believe? Take some time to build your faith and speak accordingly.




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