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Experience the advantages of  online

  • flexibility (you choose the topic)
  • choose your topic (subject matter most relevant to you)
  • call from any private or quiet place (home, office, etc..)
  • prepare your questions in advance (Q&A sessions are a part of each session)
  • receive a recorded copy of class for future learning(you never have to worry if you miss a call)

Need more information? Read below for more Webinar Basics

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online event broadcast through the computer via the Internet.

Webinars are highly interactive presentation environment.

All participants receive  training instructions and can join in from anywhere in the world.  The web trainings contain a real-time question and answer period.

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How does it work?
Once you have selected and registered for your class, you will receive instructions and access information.

About 10 minutes before start time , you should login or  dial your access number

What can I expect in a webinar?
The benefit of the webinar is you can attend a class relevant to you from anywhere in the world.  Attending webinars gives you flexibility and freedom.  Additionally, the integration of audio and video make the environment interesting and exciting.  Finally, the real-time communication with the instructor/trainer makes it easy to ask question either live on the line  or through chat or email.

What if I register for a series of classes and miss a session?
Each session is recorded and made available to registered participants for 10 days following the session. If something comes up and you miss a class, you don’t have to worry, a recording of the class will be made available to you following the session. This is a benefit for missed classes or simply personal review. Webinars are convenient.  The structure of our webinar trainings and the support that are designed to maximize the experience.

What other support will I get as a registered participant?
In addition to class outlines, webinar attendees get the added benefit of one on one laser coaching with Mikaela Cade. Each webinar contains a dedicated question and answer period to address the needs of class participants.   Following the webinar you will receive links to the recorded session.

How do I pay for webinars?
The fastest and most efficient way to pay for webinar training  is to select the class you want to attend from our class schedule and make payment via credit or debit card via our secure online store. You may also make your payment by phone via debit or credit card by calling (512) 487-7667.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us at

Is there any other information that might be helpful?
Yes, we want this to be a great experience for you and all the other participants. Our aim is provide interesting and informative web training in order to help us deliver an exceptional experience we noted a few tips:

  • Call in at least 5  – 10 minutes prior to the start time.
  • Feel free to introduce yourself when you enter the room
  • Press the mute button on your phone or microphone to block out extraneous noise.
  • Avoid multi-tasking during the session i.e., checking email, washing dishes, driving.
  • Be present and aware, just as you would if you were sitting in a class.
  • Ask questions live, chat, or email during the session and get them answered
  • Enjoy the class

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