Mentorship Monday: How to Maintain Momentum Through Adversity, Discouragement, and Challenges

Happy Monday!

This week we’re focused on how to maintaining momentum through adversity, discouragement, and challenges. The truth is, everyone has to deal life’s difficulties, but being keenly aware of God’s plan in the midst of the trial sets you up for an extraordinary life of power and purpose. Kingdom living is more than just making it through these situations. Let’s talk about it tonight at Mentorship Monday. 6:30 p.m. Killeen Civic Center.
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The Greater Glory

10.OCT.13.17.The-glory-of-this-latterKingdom Thought: Sometimes looking at the past makes you think your present can never measure up to what was, but don’t be deceived. God is destroying the myth of the “glory days.” He who is, was and is to come reminds that today you stand with more knowledge, greater wisdom and understanding. Don’t compare today to yesterday, you may become disheartened. Know that the Lord is with you. He has given you a task and has positioned you to do work. Take courage, keep moving forward and know that the glory of what you’re building today will exceed the glory upon all you’ve done in the past because HE is with you. #kingdomisthepriority  #radicalchurch  #trustHisplan





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