True Transformation

Transformation is disruptive.  It interrupts your established patterns and habits.  It assaults your preferences and changes your desires. Spiritual transformation causes you to think differently, speak differently, and act differently.  It is intended to move you along the continuum of righteousness. You will BE different, not because you can tell someone you’ve changed, but because your walk begins to outpace your talk. #letthewordchangeyou #kingdomisthepriority #transformationtuesday20181014_true-transformation-is

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Trust in the Lord’s plans

Happy Monday – As you begin a new week, trust in the plans of the Lord in every situation and circumstance.  Do not begin to lean to your understanding. Stand fast, be obedient, and do not veer from His plan. The Lord’s plans never fail. Blessings to you.The-counsel-of-the-LORD_10_28_2019

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