Authentic Worship: Releasing the Flow of God

Join us

Wednesday, 14 September

at 10:30pm ET


Authentic Worship: Releasing the Flow of God

 Transformation Talk Radio


How can countless hours be spent in worship experiences but not not produce sustained spiritual power? The answer might be found in your understanding and application of worship principles.  Authentic worship unlocks your spiritual flow and propels you into extraordinary living, while dysfunctional worship gives you a temporary emotional kick.As a believer it is important to your growth to understand worship beyond the catch phrases like: “worship is more than a song,” “worship is a verb,” worship is a lifestyle.” It’s time to arm yourself with an understanding of the spiritual purpose, power, and results of worship. Join Pastor Mikaela Cade for an insightful discussion on spiritual worship and its impact on your life and ministry.Take the steps to release the flow of God in your life like never before.


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