Letter From Mikaela

Welcome to Mikaela Cade Ministries.

After more than 15 years of serving God’s people, I am still inspired by the Lord’s call to “strengthen his warriors.”

You are a warrior in His Kingdom, and what you do every day matters.  Fulfilling your purpose and living an extraordinary life of peace, fulfillment, and blessing are right here for you now.  A life of radical faith, real power, and abundance is not just pie-in-the-sky talk, but the very real experience.

I believe that the Christian life should be qualitatively superior to a life without Christ.  I am persuaded that this life is found in a real, vibrant, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe you can experience it daily.

Our vision is to see God’s people strong in character, wisdom, and compassion; fully equipped to fulfill their Kingdom assignments.  I am passionate about helping you live each day with radical faith and real power.

As a wife, mother, and servant of God, I know the challenges you face each day to live your purpose, build a healthy marriage, nurture faith-filled children in a world filled with compromise, and even maintaining positive work relationships.

Because of these very real life issues, our ministry seeks to not only ground you in the word of God, but to also give you  relevant real life action steps to help you begin to transform your life.

I pray that you will join the mailing list, read, comment and share blog posts.  You can participate in on-line classes, live events, and perhaps even experience Christian life coaching for those who want to work in a one-on-one relationship to achieve goals.

However you choose to connect, I look forward to opportunity to serve you as you experience life elevated by a radical faith.

You can also join me on Facebook, Twitter @mikaelacade #kingdomisthepriority, and Periscope.


Blessings to you,

Pastor Mikaela Cade


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